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Lansa OpticWare

Assortment of Grinders (17 pieces)

38,90 excluding tax

Assortment of grinders for all roughing, refining or polishing work on metals and alloys

  • 17 pieces
  • All work on metals and alloys
  • Includes 1 Ø7mm cylindrical corundum grinder, 2 corundum disc grinders (medium and hard), 3 Ø6mm rubber cone (fine, medium and hard), 2 Ø6mm rubber flames, 1 Ø22mm rubber disc, 3 Ø22mm silicone discs (fine, medium and large), 3 silicone lenses Ø22mm (fine, medium and large), 1 axis Ø2.35mm and 1 reinforced axis Ø2.35mm
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