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Lansa OpticWare

Assortment of 24 Brushes, Grinders and Polishers


SKU: 88907-100

Assortment of brushes, grinders and polishers

  • 24 pieces on display
  • For plastic and metal surfaces
  • Includes 1 hard felt spherical Ø8mm, 1 cylindrical hard felt brush Ø10mm, 1 hard felt lens Ø21mm, 1 hard felt cone Ø6mm, 1 hard felt cone Ø14mm, 1 soft felt disc Ø22mm, 1 flannel disc Ø22mm, 1 chamois disc Ø22mm, 1 brush head cotton Ø22mm, 1 scotch britt Ø22mm brush, 1 steel wire brush Ø22mm, 1 brass wire brush Ø22mm, 1 cylindrical corundum wheel Ø7mm, 3 rubber cones Ø6mm (fine, medium and large), 1 rubber disc Ø22mm, 3 silicone discs Ø22mm ( fine, medium and coarse) and 3 Ø22mm silicone lenses
Weight 0,4 kg


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