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Anti-theft for glasses, why use it?

Shops specializing in optical products and selling sunglasses, eyeglasses or magnifying glasses to aid in reading have to deal with a variety of thefts. The stores most victimized by shoplifting are opticians, children's and adult sunglasses stores and finally pharmacies. Indeed, a pair of glasses is a tiny and thin object, which is easily stolen and concealed. However, the price of glasses is often quite high (frame and lenses) and this is a huge loss of earnings for the merchant who is victim of theft. To prevent crimes, the trader must arrange and secure your store using an anti-theft gate that is located at the entrance of the retail store. It works in conjunction with the devices lock for glasses, which are placed on each pair. Naturally, this is an expense for the retailer, but they will soon realize this, as these devices will prevent the theft of ever-expensive items.

How does a glasses lock work?

Eyeglass locks use one of two technologies: AM or RF technology. The first (AM technology) responds to the emission of magnetic fields by antennas. RF technology, on the other hand, works through the transmission of electromagnetic waves that are emitted between two gates. In either scenario, as in the other, the anti-theft device works in conjunction with security gates which will ring in the event of an attempt to steal glasses. A device lock for glasses (marker for example) can use both methods. The device is an article on which it is possible to affix labels including the name of the model as well as the price or even the barcode.

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