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Universal Solder with Silver Pallarium

54,90 excluding tax

Universal silver solder Pallarium

  • 12 tubular chopsticks of 15 cm
  • With incorporated flow
  • Melting point: 630 ° c
  • Colors: Gold, Silver

Additional information

Weight 0,15 kg


Why use electronic pallarium soldering?

Pallarium welding allows you to weld a variety of alloys (nickel-chrome-cobalt, stainless steel, silver, gold). It is ideal for repairing glasses. It is a 580degC weld made up of 1mm diameter rods, inside which is the stripper. The Pallarium universal solder is sold with 12 rods. It is available in two colors: silver and gold.

What is a brazing pallarium?

the metal brazing, also called soldering, is a durable assembly process that creates an electrical bond between assembled components. Unlike welding (soft soldering), there is no fusion between the edges of the joined parts. Depending on the situation, filler material may or may not be used. The mechanism behind the brazing is an atomic diffusion/migration that occurs on both sides of the interface, in the case of brazing without filler metal, as well as at the solid/liquid/solid interface if the a filler metal is used, under the effect of a mechanical and/or caloric action.

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