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What is an optician's mirror?

An optician's mirror, also known as an glasses mirror, is a tool used by opticians and optometrists to help customers try on different eyeglass frames and choose the ones that suit them best.

The optician's mirror is usually a large mirror mounted on an adjustable stand, allowing customers to see their reflection when wearing different eyeglass frames. These mirrors are often placed in optical stores or in optometry offices, where customers can use them while they try on different pairs of glasses.

Using an optician's mirror allows customers to visualize how glasses fit their face, how they complement their style and personality, and how they frame their eyes. This helps customers make informed decisions when choosing their new glasses.

Some optician mirrors come with built-in lights to replicate ambient lighting conditions and allow customers to see how the glasses will be worn in different lighting situations. This can be particularly useful for evaluate the appearance of glasses outdoors or in low light conditions.

Why use an optician mirror?

Using an optician's mirror has several advantages for customers when choosing their glasses:

  1. Real-time visualization : the optician mirror allows customers to see in real time how different eyeglass frames fit their face. This gives them a better idea of how the glasses look and how they affect their overall appearance.
  2. Help with the decision : By seeing their reflection with different eyeglass frames, customers can better evaluate the available options and make an informed decision on the pair that best suits them in terms of style, comfort and functionality.
  3. Appearance assessment : The optician mirror allows customers to evaluate the appearance of glasses from different angles and in different lighting conditions. This allows them to ensure that the glasses match their personal style and highlight their face in a flattering way.
  4. Comfort and fit : Using the optician mirror, customers can also assess the comfort and fit of eyeglass frames. They can see how the glasses sit on their nose, fit their temples, and don't create uncomfortable pressure points.
  5. Reduced testing time : By viewing the different options with the optician mirror, customers can reduce the time needed to try on multiple pairs of glasses, making the selection process more efficient and less tedious.
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