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What is the 3M™ Press On Prism, how does it work?

Prisme Press On 3M, how does it work?

The 3M™ Press On Prism is an innovative solution designed to help people with binocular vision disorders, such as strabismus, to improve their vision and regain stereoscopic vision. In this article, we will explore in detail what the 3M™ Press On Prism is, how it works and how it can benefit those who use it.

What is the 3M™ Press On Prism?

The 3M™ Press On Prism is an adhesive prism lens developed by 3M™, a world leader in advanced technologies. It is a thin sheet of optical plastic that can be applied directly to existing eyeglass lenses, providing prismatic correction for people with binocular vision problems.

How does the 3M™ Press On Prism work?

the 3M™ Press On Prism uses the principles of refraction to alter the path of light entering the eye. When a person has an imbalance in their eye alignment, the prism of the 3M™ Press On Prism slightly deflects the light, allowing the eyes to focus properly andachieve clearer and more precise binocular vision.

The application of the 3M™ Press On Prism is simple and does not require permanent modifications to spectacle lenses. Simply cut the prism sheet to the appropriate size, attach it to the inner side of eyeglass lenses using a special adhesive, then ensure it is positioned correctly to achieve the effect. desired prismatic.

Benefits of the 3M™ Press On Prism:

  1. Ease of use : 3M™ Prism Press On can be easily applied over existing eyeglass lenses, eliminating the need to purchase new eyewear.
  2. Custom fit : The 3M™ Press On Prism can be cut and adjusted according to the specific needs of each individual, offering a tailor-made solution.
  3. Discretion : Once applied to lenses, 3M™ Prism Press On is virtually invisible, allowing users to benefit from prismatic correction without attracting attention.
  4. Flexibility : The 3M™ Press On Prism can be removed and reapplied as needed, providing a convenient solution for those wishing to temporarily adjust or remove prismatic correction.

Who can benefit ?

The 3M™ Press On Prism can be beneficial for people with various binocular vision disorders, including the strabismus, amblyopia and other problems that affect eye alignment and coordination. It is important to consult with a vision health professional, such as an optician or ophthalmologist, to properly assess individual needs and determine if the 3M™ Press On Prism is appropriate.

In conclusion, the 3M™ Press On Prism is a convenient and effective solution for improving binocular vision in people with eye conditions such as strabismus. Thanks to its simple application and its discretion, it offers a personalized prismatic correction without the need for new glasses. However, it is recommended to consult a vision health professional to obtain specialized advice and recommendations adapted to each individual situation.

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