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How to prepare the Christmas decoration of your store?


Your store is bound to be a target! Christmas is the most anticipated time of the season, and it's essential to make it a point by customizing your storefront. From the chocolate factory to the insurance company to the bookstore and office buildings, change your window display for Christmas is a great way to grab attention and create a sense of place. From small decorative objects to materials to select and mistakes to avoid, we present our 5 best ideas for decorating the Christmas window.

Tell a well-organized story

Garlands, different carefully lit decorations… whatever the type of technology used (see our suggestions in the following article), the important thing is to consider the message to be communicated. If we can be crystal clear, the message is simple: magic and enchantment. An effective Christmas window display shouldn't be overly complicated and shouldn't try to provide too much detail. At this time of year, we're all looking for a way to escape, or have some fun. It's the time of year when we're all trying to discover our culinary side, so it's up to you to tell your story, a captivating story.

  • Find a theme related to your products or that will help you improve your products. A combination of characters (a bear or an elf, for example, or a Santa Claus) is not an appropriate theme.
  • Select the space that will be occupied by the event window (all the length or part of it) and think about the arrangement of the elements to balance the whole;
  • Plan your Christmas window by making a freehand sketch. Consider pendant lights and the addition of a tiny carousel, or an animated Christmas tree. It's Christmas, right?

Animate your window

Without setting up an impressive window display, comparable to the biggest Parisian stores, think of the possibility of adding a little animation to the Christmas window displays. Why ? Because an element that moves or transforms attracts the attention of passers-by and is “captured” even more permanently. Think of animated characters, for example, the little bear that moves on itself. The essentials are Santa Claus (logical), polar bears or a snowman. Don't be afraid to buy them in large sizes to catch others' eyes.
If you can, use snow effects, like swirling snowflakes from a system suspended from the ceiling. To add life to windows at a lower cost, consider lighting. If a number of items with reflective surfaces are moving, you can shine light on them to create a glow. The elements don't have to be expensive: reclaimed frames, wire mesh effects and colored papers are perfect for decorating.

Highlight products that can be distributed

In your showcase, you must highlight the products. This is not just any article. There are many products available; some are likely to be better than others for gifts. These are the ones you need to think about first when filling your space. Don't put items in this space that you wouldn't personally want to gift! Avoid bulky and heavy items. Put yourself in your customers' shoes and imagine what they are looking for to offer their loved ones.

Take a look at your sales ledger and put “gift” products at the top, but be sure to look at what your competition is doing. If you see that certain products are common among all competitors, you cannot avoid them. But, it is also important to discover an article that stands out!

Keep the Christmas theme inside

A Christmas window well designed is able to extend inside. If you do not continue your efforts to decorate the point of sale, your customers will be unhappy. That's why you shouldn't overload the windows, but rather add style and make it an eye-catcher that will attract people to the store! Be sure to tell an interesting story. You can start the story with a window and then extend it inside.

Be careful not to turn your business into a massive decoration, but at the expense of what is really important to you: the products. Think of Christmas decorations as a way to enhance your product offering, not just an annual “decoration”. Besides characters and lights, you can also use small accessories to personalize your furniture. Stickers and other decorative elements will not alter the furniture or damage it, but they can “transform” it during the Christmas period.

Use a fragrance to create an atmosphere

People stand at your window, watching your creations. What would they think if they were invited to enter through another of their senses: smell! The joy of Christmas is often linked to scents. Retailers aren't the only ones thinking about releasing a certain flavor for the holidays, but it's a great way to enhance the shopping experience. Consider candles that have a pine, pepper, cranberry, orange or sandalwood scent to help your store get into the Christmas spirit.

Where to buy Christmas decorations online?

For prepare your store window for Christmas, nothing could be simpler thanbuy Christmas decorations online : Christmas trees, garlands, ornaments, decorations and lights. With more than 400 references online, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for at Santa's Valley (, the guest author of this article today.

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