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4 tips for taking care of your glasses

take care of your glasses

In this article, we give you all the good habits for take care of your glasses as well as improving wearing comfort and vision. Here is an exhaustive list of our tips. Do not hesitate to discuss with us in the comment space below.

1 – Take off your glasses with both hands

Surely you have already experienced the crooked glasses syndrome, this is probably the most important reason. Most of us tend to take our glasses off with one hand. However, this bad habit can stress one temple of your body at a time. All this accumulated stress (often on the same branch) leads to an imbalance of your glasses, so they will no longer adapt to your size. So grab each branch and remove the glasses with both hands.

2 – Glasses do not rhyme with headbands

You must have seen it several times, and perhaps you are also adept at this practice of use your glasses as a blindfold. To keep the hair, temporarily remove glasses from the eyes, or sometimes just to comb your hair, this bad habit seems practical. However, the base of your skull is much wider than your temples. So, by installing the frame here, you can separate the temples that the optometrist has adjusted for your temples. As a result, over time your glasses tend to slip and become less comfortable to wear.

3 – Reconnect with the cord

Glasses, especially sunglasses, usually need to be removed briefly. For this purpose, jacket pockets and sweater collars are often used as temporary support. Again, this is bad posture for your glasses because it increases the risk of pinching. To temporarily remove your glasses, choose a
cord. Pay attention to the height of the latter to minimize the risk of crushing the frame.

4 – The case the solution to all your problems to take care of your glasses

For temporary storage of your glasses (yes, not everyone likes cords or chains) or for long periods of time, the glasses case is a must, inseparable from your glasses. It is better to use a hard case to avoid any risk of crushing and slipping in the microfiber so as not to scratch your glasses. In short, create a comfortable and protective nest for your glasses. The microfiber also allows you to clean your glasses without risk in any situation.


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