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What are the different types of eyeglass displays?

There are several types of eyeglass displays designed to meet various needs and preferences of optical or eyewear store owners. Here are some of the main types of eyeglass displays:

  1. Counter displays : These displays are designed to be placed on store counters. They provide immediate visibility to customers and are perfect for highlighting specific glasses, promotions or new products.
  2. Wall displays : fixed to the wall, these displays allow you to optimize the space of the store. They are ideal for displaying a wide variety of eyewear while freeing up floor space.
  3. Rotating displays : these displays can rotate on their axis, thus offering a panoramic view of the glasses. They are perfect for stores with a large number of different models.
  4. Drawer displays : These displays feature multiple drawers, each containing a set of glasses. They make it easy to store and find glasses by model or style.
  5. Floor displays : these displays are free-standing and placed directly on the floor of the store. They can be used to display a wide range of eyewear and attract customers' attention when entering the store.
  6. Window displays : these displays are specially designed for store windows. They allow glasses to be displayed in an attractive way for passers-by and to highlight the collections.
  7. Custom displays : Some store owners opt for custom-made displays that match the decor and style of their store. These displays can be made to order to meet specific needs.
  8. Sunglass display stands : Designed specifically for sunglasses, these displays highlight these popular products, often using attractive sunscreens.
  9. Display stands for children's glasses : These displays are designed with bright colors and fun design to attract children and their parents.
  10. Designer eyewear displays : they are designed to showcase collections from renowned designers and are often more elegant and sophisticated.

By choosing the type of display that best suits their store and products, optical store owners can improve their eyewear presentation and provide a better shopping experience for their customers.

How do I choose the ideal display to showcase my glasses in my store?

Choosing the ideal display to showcase your eyewear in your store depends on several factors, including the style of your store, the space available, the type of eyewear you sell, and your budget. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect display:

Determine the style of your store: The style of your store, whether modern, vintage, elegant, or casual, should guide your choice of display. Opt for displays that match the overall style of your store to create a seamless experience.

  1. Consider the available space : Measure the space available in your store to determine how many displays you can fit. Counter displays and wall displays are ideal for tight spaces, while floor displays may suit larger stores.
  2. Think about visibility : the objective of a display is to attract customers' attention to the glasses. Choose displays that provide maximum visibility for the glasses and highlight them.
  3. Adapt the display to the type of glasses : Sunglasses can be displayed differently than prescription glasses. Make sure the display is suitable for the type of glasses you are selling.
  4. Consider capacity : evaluate how many glasses you want to display on each display. Some displays can accommodate a large number of glasses, while others are more suitable for flagship models.
  5. Think about mobility : if you want to be able to move your displays, opt for models with casters or that are easy to move.
  6. Pay attention to quality : Invest in high-quality displays that are durable and well-made. They must be able to support the weight of the glasses and withstand daily use.
  7. Consider security : Make sure the glasses are properly secured on the display to prevent theft or accidental damage.
  8. Budget : set a realistic budget for purchasing your displays. There are options for all budgets, so choose those that meet your needs while respecting your financial constraints.
  9. Personalization : If you want to create a unique experience for your customers, consider custom displays that match your store brand.

Ultimately, choosing the ideal display will depend on your specific needs. Take the time to compare different options, and if possible, seek reviews from other optical store owners to make an informed decision.

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